Opening Night Photos Album 01 / Rev-Tim-Holder
Photographs by Diana Brake - Click thumbnail for full size image.
May 5, 2004
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Reverend Timothy Holder, Jackie Curtis' brother gives the benediction just before the film rolls.

A Collect for Jackie Given on the Occasion of the Premier of Superstar in a Housedress New York City. Wednesday. May 5, 2004

With thanksgiving and love to Craig Highberger, Director and Producer Let us pray. 0 God, Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, Mother and Father of all Lower East Side, of Slugger Ann, Jackie, LaMama, Andy and us all, bless, we pray, our Superstar in a Housedress dazzling for all eternity in Angel Gown and Heavenly Glitter.

Thank you for blessing the heart and hands of Craig Highberger in the creation of this film and bless this story of a child of your own making, Jackie Curtis, Superstar. Bless all this night, especially in our city, who create, yet are given little; who work day and night, without employment; who try to celebrate the life you have given, yet live with addiction and pain. Give us all, we pray, the courage and love you gave Jackie, the courage and love to be who we are, 'not boy, not girl' just each your beautiful and distinct child, your creation, your love. Keep us, we ask, with Jackie and all your Stars, in your never ending 'Glamour, Glory and Gold.'