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Jackie Curtis' last two productions were "I Died Yesterday" (the Frances Farmer story) in 1983, and "Champagne" in 1985. Penny Arcade, Peter Groby, Ritta Redd and Styles Caldwell were among the "I Died Yesterday" cast.

Jackie both wrote the play "Champagne" and played its lead character, Piper Heidsig, a moviestar foolishly making her Broadway stage debut.

Jackie Curtis began writing plays in the late 1960's in which he usually appeared as the female lead.

"Amerika Cleopatra" ran during the summer of 1968. Jackie's co-stars included Alexis del Lago and Harvey Fierstein, who played "Cleo's Jewish Mother".

Robert de Niro
made his first appearance on the stage opposite Candy Darling during the first run of "Glamour, Glory, and Gold" in 1967. The show ran again the next year.

Jackie's musical "Lucky Wonderful", with music composed by Paul Serrato, was produced in 1968 at the Bastianos Theater.

"Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit" was performed by John Vaccaro's Playhouse of the Ridiculous in 1969 and toured internationally for two years.

Jackie Curtis' "Vain Victory" was produced at La Mama in 1971. The cast included:

Candy Darling,
Holly Woodlawn,
Paul Ambrose
Eric Emerson
Agosto Machado
Styles Caldwell
Dorrian Gray
Clarice Rivers
Mario Montez
Andy Warhol
and many others!

It was an immediate smash hit and ran all summer long to packed houses.

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